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2024's Essential Guide to thurgau , switzerland: The Ultimate List of Things to Do and Must-See Attractions

Explore thurgau ,switzerland !

Your first guide to explore the best places and tourist areas in thurgau ,switzerland For the year 2024

Tourism in thurgau

Information about thurgau


The canton of Thurgau is one of the favorite destinations for professional and experienced cyclists in the world, because the region's picturesque green hills and stone beaches on Lake Constance provide the most beautiful tracks for cycling. The canton of Torago is also distinguished by its long history, as visitors will find historical buildings from different periods of time in every direction they look at, and they will also find majestic historical markets in which the most beautiful and most beautiful traditional Swiss goods are sold.

languages ​​spoken in thurgau :

French, Italian, German

currencies used in thurgau :

Swiss Franc (CHF)

January=>excellent, February=>excellent, March=>good, April=>good, May=>good, June=>bad, July=>bad, August=>bad, September=>bad, October=>very good , November=>Excellent, December=>Excellent

Places and tourist destinations in thurgau

thurgau has many tourist attractions, which are considered tourist attractions for any explorer and tourist. You can explore these areas and plan an enjoyable and beautiful trip.



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