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2024's Essential Guide to sfax , tunisia: The Ultimate List of Things to Do and Must-See Attractions

Explore sfax ,tunisia !

Your first guide to explore the best places and tourist areas in sfax ,tunisia For the year 2024

Tourism in sfax

Information about sfax


Sfax is a historic city surrounded by ancient walls, built on the site of two small settlements from ancient times; Tabarora and Thenai, and it grew as an early Islamic trading center for the Bedouins, and it is considered today as a large commercial port, and is famous for its craftsmanship and culinary art of olives, almonds and seafood, and this city reflects the original face of Tunisia, far from traditional tourist destinations, and offers its visitors a group of picturesque landscapes and beaches long sandy. Sfax is the second largest city in Tunisia, the main outlet for the central and southern regions of the country, a major fishing port, a transport hub, a market for phosphates, olive oil, esparto and sponges, and an important commercial and industrial center.

languages ​​spoken in sfax :

Arabic french

currencies used in sfax :

Tunisian Dinar (TND)

January=>very good, February=>very good, March=>good, April=>good, May=>bad, June=>bad, July=>bad, August=>bad, September=>bad, October=> bad, november=>good, december=>very good

Places and tourist destinations in sfax

sfax has many tourist attractions, which are considered tourist attractions for any explorer and tourist. You can explore these areas and plan an enjoyable and beautiful trip.

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