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Unlock Moscow (Russia) 's Best-Kept Secrets: List of 10 seafood restaurants

Unlock Moscow (Russia) ‘s Best-Kept Secrets: List of 10 seafood restaurants

Join us on a journey to uncover Moscow (Russia) ‘s best-kept secrets with our list of 10 seafood restaurants. Whether you’re looking to explore 10 amazing seafood restaurants or discover the most famous and best 10 seafood restaurants in Moscow (Russia) , we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore Moscow (Russia) with our ultimate guide to 10 of the best seafood restaurants, or uncover Moscow (Russia) ‘s hidden seafood restaurants with 10 must-visit places. Get inspired and start planning your next adventure with our comprehensive list of the best destinations in Moscow (Russia) .

Information about Moscow (Russia)

Moscow is located on the Moskva River in western Russia and has a population of about 10.5 million. Moscow is one of the most important cities and tourist destinations due to the natural and cultural areas it offers to tourists, gardens, parks, wonderful markets, attractive streets, museums, and architectural landmarks. It is a largely integrated city. Among its most important tourist attractions: the historical Kremlin castle built since the twelfth century, the Moscow Zoo, which is the largest zoo located in all of Russia and not only in Moscow, and the Red Square, which is the central square in the city and where thousands of residents and tourists gather daily. Moscow also includes many natural parks and gardens, such as Kolomenskoye Park, Neskushny Park located on the right bank of the Moscow River, and Luzhiny National Park, which is a nature reserve.

A picture of the Moscow makes it easier for you to know the country

A list of the best Seafood restaurants in Moscow

Experience the best seafood restaurants that Moscow (Russia) has to offer with our expertly chosen list of top-rated destinations. Our team has scoured visitor reviews and evaluations to bring you only the best options for your next adventure.

1- Lure Oyster Bar

A picture of Lure Oyster Bar
Lure Oyster Bar

Lure Oyster Bar – Lower Oyster Bar, located in the heart of Moscow, is the perfect choice for seafood lovers. The restaurant offers you a wide variety such as shellfish dishes, grilled or fried fish dishes, octopus meat dishes, and delicious shellfish dishes, in addition to fresh salads, soups, desserts, and cold and hot drinks. The interior of the restaurant is distinguished by the presence of many exciting lights on the walls, and its design looks like a fish tank. The crew here is very nice and always willing to give advice.

Place address: Lure Oyster Bar, 3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 9, Moscow, Russia, 125040

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2- Modus restaurant

A picture of Modus restaurant
Modus restaurant

Modus restaurant – This restaurant in Moscow is the perfect place for personal and business meetings, family gatherings and celebrations with friends, and romantic dates. It is a very elegant restaurant full of distinctive luxurious decorations. This restaurant is distinguished by the fact that its menu is really diverse, in which you will find dishes from Russian cuisine, dishes from Italian cuisine, and many marine and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is keen to prepare all these dishes with extreme precision, using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Among these dishes, you can find grilled salmon, oysters, steak, grilled octopus, and many more.

Place address: 1-Y Truzhenikov Pereulok, вл.4, Moskva, Russia, 119121

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3- Mollusca

A picture of Mollusca

Mollusca – The taste of the seafood dishes offered by Moloska Restaurant cannot be described, but you must try them yourself. The dishes here are prepared very professionally by specialized chefs with fresh ingredients. Here you can pamper yourself and try shrimp dishes with various sauces such as curry and coconut, delicious oyster dishes or seafood dishes, in addition to delicious salads and desserts. In addition, the restaurant offers snacks, soups, Italian pasta and hot dishes from crab, shrimp, scallops and other seafood.

Place address: Mollusca, Bol’shoy Kozikhinskiy Pereulok, 19/6, Moscow, Russia, 123001

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4- Beluga

A picture of Beluga

Beluga – Beluga Restaurant, which is a very luxurious restaurant and is considered one of the finest and most expensive restaurants in Moscow. The restaurant is famous for its interior designs and decorations that were created by the most famous decorator in Moscow, where beautiful wall paintings, chandeliers are extremely elegant and luxurious, tables and nice decorations on them, and many antiques and unique pieces that give the city a special charm and elegance. The restaurant specializes in serving rare seafood dishes, the most important of which are delicious caviar, shrimp dishes, prawns and oysters, steak and chicken, beef stroganoff, grilled ribs, and many others, in addition to refreshing green salads. It also offers a large variety of delicious and unique Russian desserts. Visit it and live a night and an unparalleled fantasy experience.

Place address: Beluga, Mokhovaya St, 15/1, стр. 1, Moscow, Russia, 125009

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5- AQ Kitchen

A picture of AQ Kitchen
AQ Kitchen

AQ Kitchen – AQ Kitchen is one of the prominent restaurants in Moscow, and it provides a rich menu of various traditional Russian food in addition to several European and seafood dishes. If you are a fan of Mediterranean food, then this place is suitable for you, and do not hesitate to try Thai chicken soup with delicious lemon jelly.

Place address: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya ulitsa, 69, Moskva, Russia, 123056

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6- Semifreddo Restaurant

A picture of Semifreddo Restaurant
Semifreddo Restaurant

Semifreddo Restaurant – Semifredo Restaurant is owned by the famous chef Nino Graziano, and the restaurant is located in the heart of the Russian capital, Moscow, and provides a group of carefully selected Mediterranean dishes that are loved by many, and it is distinguished by its open kitchen that allows visitors to enjoy watching their dish being prepared step by step.

Place address: Ulitsa Timura Frunze, 11, стр. 55, Moskva, Russia, 119021

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7- Budvar

A picture of Budvar

Budvar – very wonderful restaurant in the heart of Moscow. It is easily accessible by public transportation, as it is located near Taganskaya station, and only 100 meters from the river. It is also distinguished by its delicious dishes prepared on traditional German methods, and by its wonderful youthful decor that makes the place environment comfortable and suitable. For gatherings of friends and families. The restaurant prepares its dishes from fresh and high-quality ingredients, and you can find among the dishes it serves chicken with mushrooms, steak, sausage, shrimp, and many other wonderful dishes.

Place address: Budvar, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, 33, Moskva, Russia, 115172

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8- Cafe Tagine

A picture of Cafe Tagine
Cafe Tagine

Cafe Tagine – Modern and modern Moroccan café and restaurant serving delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine. The restaurant is characterized by its friendly and comfortable environment, which makes it a suitable place for family and friends meetings, and is also characterized by its fast service, and its delicious dishes cooked with love and care, using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The restaurant’s menu includes main dishes such as salmon with couscous, kebab served with chickpeas and vegetables, in addition to chicken and vegetable tagine, and various couscous dishes such as couscous with herbs, couscous with spinach, almonds and tomatoes, and many more.

Place address: Tagine, Trubnaya Ulitsa, 15, Moskva, Russia, 127051

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9- Plov Khaus

A picture of Plov Khaus
Plov Khaus

Plov Khaus – This restaurant in Moscow is easily accessible by public transportation, because it is located in a central area of the city, and is also distinguished by its delicious dishes that are prepared from fresh and high-quality ingredients, and its wonderful staff who provide fast service. The restaurant offers a variety of Asian dishes that have been carefully selected to ensure that all tastes are satisfied. Among the dishes it serves there are steaks, scallops, salmon rolls, and many more.

Place address: Lyublinskaya Ulitsa, 165к3, Moskva, Russia, 109652

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10- Osteria Mario

A picture of Osteria Mario
Osteria Mario

Osteria Mario – Do not miss the opportunity to try the original Italian taste in one of the most famous Italian restaurants, as Osteria Mario has many branches in Moscow alone. The decor here is very nice and very modern with hanging art and amazing design. The service is very excellent and the staff is always ready to fulfill your request. The menu here includes various pizza dishes, pasta dishes with the most delicious sauces imaginable, shrimp dishes, fish and chicken fillets, fresh salads and much more. This place is food heaven and the great taste will make you repeat visit.

Place address: Osteria Mario, restaurant, Leningradskoye Hwy, 45, Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141407

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As your journey through Moscow (Russia) comes to an end, we hope you take with you unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. This amazing region is home to diverse landscapes, ancient cultures, and welcoming communities that have something special to offer every traveler. Our guide has provided you with the top destinations and hidden gems that make Moscow (Russia) such a unique and special place. But, we encourage you to continue to explore this region on your own and uncover new adventures and treasures along the way. As you journey back home, don’t forget to reflect on the moments that made your trip so special and share your experiences with others. Remember to keep the spirit of adventure and curiosity alive in your everyday life and continue to seek out new experiences. We hope our guide has been a valuable resource in planning your trip, and we look forward to hearing about your travels. Safe travels and until next time!