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Explore Sokhumi (Georgia) 's Finest: 4 Top-Rated restaurants and cafes

Explore Sokhumi (Georgia) ‘s Finest: 4 Top-Rated restaurants and cafes

Join us on a journey to unlock Sokhumi (Georgia) ‘s secrets with 4 restaurants and cafes. Explore 4 amazing restaurants and cafes or the best 4 restaurants and cafes in Sokhumi (Georgia) . Let’s discover 4 best restaurants and cafes or hidden restaurants and cafes in Sokhumi (Georgia) . Plan your next adventure with our comprehensive list of destinations in Sokhumi (Georgia) .

Information about Sokhumi (Georgia)

city on the Black Sea coast and is the capital of the Abkhazia region of Georgia. It has a population of about 70,914 people. Sukhumi is the main seaport in the country. Scenes and natural terrain in Sukhumi vary between farms, valleys, forests, botanical gardens in the Caucasus region, which dates back to 1840, and springs, in addition to its wonderful subtropical climate that makes it a tourist destination. What distinguishes the city of Sukhumi most is its richness in its health resorts and sanatoriums rich in mineral water, in addition to its enjoyment of many tourist destinations and wonderful beaches. The city of Sukhumi also includes a number of historical and archaeological monuments, and the city still maintains these monuments, the most important of which are the Arcadian Bridge, the Roman walls, and the Ottoman castle.

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A list of the best Restaurants and cafes in Sokhumi

Don’t waste your time sifting through endless reviews and recommendations – let our team do the work for you. Our list of the best restaurants and cafes in Sokhumi (Georgia) is carefully crafted to include only the most highly-rated and well-regarded options based on visitor feedback.

1- Akalat

A picture of Akalat

Akalat – food restaurant specializes in preparing sandwiches and serving refreshing drinks in addition to a variety of desserts, and among the options offered by the restaurant menu, including egg sandwiches, meat burgers, chicken rolls, with natural juices from lemon juice, as well as coffee and hot tea, in addition to sweets from Cupcakes, jelly, cheesecake, and chocolate cake.

Place address: 26 Voronov St, სოხუმი

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2- Dam

A picture of Dam

Dam – Dam Restaurant attracts many local tourists, who wish to eat delicious dishes from international and local options, in the beautiful outdoor yard, with white wooden benches, under the shade of hanging green trees, which gives a unique elegance to the place, and among the dishes offered on the menu, Georgian cheese bread khachapuri Omelette with vegetables, grilled meat with fried vegetables, coleslaw with mayonnaise, sushi, pizza, eggs and sausages, and more.

Place address: Набережная Махаджиров 4, Sochumi

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3- Restorani apkhazeti

A picture of Restorani apkhazeti
Restorani apkhazeti

Restorani apkhazeti – Abkhazia Restaurant, is a locally known restaurant, that has comfortable outdoor seating directly overlooking the sea, which makes it ideal for customers who want to eat delicious dishes in the evening periods at sunset, from the traditional restaurant menu options, which offer many dishes such as meat rolls stuffed with peppers, Shekhartma dish, chicken chakapuli dish, eggplant rolls with walnut sauce, and more, accompanied by appetizers and refreshing drinks.

Place address: 57 Kodori Hwy, სოხუმი

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4- Amra Restaurant

A picture of Amra Restaurant
Amra Restaurant

Amra Restaurant – Traditional local dishes, prepared according to the original recipes of the city of Sukhum, are what characterize the menu at Amra Restaurant, where there are choices of egg noodles, red bean soup, steak with fried potatoes, grilled fish, chicken salad, and other things that are offered. With refreshing drinks and multiple appetizers on the outdoor patio directly overlooking the Black Sea.

Place address: Sokhumi

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As your journey through Sokhumi (Georgia) comes to an end, we hope you take with you unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. This amazing region is home to diverse landscapes, ancient cultures, and welcoming communities that have something special to offer every traveler. Our guide has provided you with the top destinations and hidden gems that make Sokhumi (Georgia) such a unique and special place. But, we encourage you to continue to explore this region on your own and uncover new adventures and treasures along the way. As you journey back home, don’t forget to reflect on the moments that made your trip so special and share your experiences with others. Remember to keep the spirit of adventure and curiosity alive in your everyday life and continue to seek out new experiences. We hope our guide has been a valuable resource in planning your trip, and we look forward to hearing about your travels. Safe travels and until next time!